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What is meant by job career

By Arif Iqbal Azeemi - Thu Jun 28, 4:35 pm

Each and every person wants to become success. Everybody desires to have prosperity in his/her life. If you want to become success and get prosperity in your life you must pay special attention to make your career.

Do you know what a career is? A career is the sequence and variety of occupations which a person undertakes throughout a lifetime.It is a distinct portion and a continuous process of learning and development of a person’s life. Contributions to a career can include:

  • Educational background
  • Training achieved
  • Experience gained during working
  • Personal interest
  • Hard working
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Working voluntarily
  • Social activities
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Enthusiasm and passion
  • Family background and environment

If someone gains more experience in a particular field and undertakes a variety of life experiences it can be said that he/she is building his/her unique career path.

Do you know that secret of success is directly connected to hard work? If a person likes hard working, he will certainly get success. It does not matter what occupation he/she wants to choose. The main thing is that he/she must be hard worker and has interest to achieve a target.

After choosing a field you should start to perform the related responsibilities what that particular occupation requires. Make sure to perform the required responsibilities fully honestly and sincerely. Work hard and produce efficiency as well as ability in your work. Nothing will be hurdle in your way and you will get success. Each job and occupation has its importance. The door of success is open for everybody but the condition is hardworking. Work hard and get success.

Number of occupations is unlimited. None of them can be considered of no use. But one thing is very important. You must choose that one occupation which you like the most.

Career in various types of Professions

1. Caree in Mobile Repairing

2. Caree in Teaching

3. Career in fashion designing field

4. Caree in Advertising

5. Caree in Web Designing

6. Caree in Graphic Designing

7. Caree in Cooking

8. Caree in Marketing

9. Caree in Software Engineering

10. Caree in Video Editing

11. Caree in Electronic Media

12. Caree in Print Media

Start you journey from today. I assure you, if you work hard you will certainly be successful. Your dream for achieving a good life will be fulfilled and you will certainly see prosperity in your life.

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  1. Sir,
    I am foysal from Bangladesh.now in UAE. mobile repairing I lick this job.before I was 3 year working.
    I have good knowledge mobile repair.

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