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What is meant by meditation?

By Arif Iqbal Azeemi - Wed Jul 17, 4:27 pm

What is meant by meditation

What is meant by meditation

Meditation simply means the ‘concentration’. Concentration is the name of mind’s ability to remain on one single point. The basic purpose of having concentration is to keep the mind on one thought or a point. Concentration and focusing of the attention on one single point helps in gathering and putting the forces of the mind to work, which otherwise remain scattered in the mind. Under the influence and effect of emotions, thoughts and urges, our mind keeps on changing from one state to another. It does not stay on one thing. It keeps on shifting from one thing to another, from one state into another. But if we make a habit to meditate regularly we will be able to use our mind properly and effectively. In simple  words meditation can be defined as it is an angle of perception in which the meditator frees himself/herself from outward minds and begins to attach himself/herself  with his/her inner.

We all know that if something is not carried out with focused mind and the concentrated attention it can not yield proper results whether it is some worldly task, a religious duty or a spiritual assignment. If you do not do your office work with full concentration you can not gain required good result. Similarly if a woman is cooking something with less concentration the foodstuff my be spoiled. Contrary to this if another woman is cooking with full concentration she can get desired result. The food indeed will be delicious. Likewise if someone is driving a car without concentration may be he/she comes across an accident while another person who is driving with concentration will safe. In the same way if someone is performing his/her religious duty but paying no concentration he or she can not attain the desired goal. If you make a habit to meditate regularly you will feel a positive change in your mind as well as your behavior within a short period of time. As you advance in your practice you will observe a lot of benefits. Do you know that recent research has proved that meditating twice per day for about 20 minutes can reduce blockages in your blood vessels?  Moreover the research shows that risk of sudden death by heart attack can also make low through the practice of meditation.

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